Creative and Enthusiastic Bartender/Mixologist

The Valentino’s Bar and Lounge has a notorious reputation based on the heartthrob and classy but private lifestyle of Valentino; refined cocktails and uniquely flavored drink combinations; traditional, contemporary, and even newly created.

  • Experienced in bartending and mixology. 
  • Creative but knowledgeable of traditional cocktails and local wines. 
  • Elegant with Flair; good with guests, entertaining, friendly, and with a pleasant demeanor. 
  • Cost-minded and skilled in soft sales techniques. 
  • Passionate about the profession, very service-oriented 
  • Familiar with and comfortable in a kind of sophisticated environment. 
  • Accepting food service in the bar/lounge and the Patio during summertime. 
  • Ready to take responsibility for the bar, its reputation, and its success. 
  • Aware of cost control measures 
  • Yes, I can attitude